Jet-Lube 21 Arctic Double Duty Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compound

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Oilfield Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compound

ARCTIC Double-duty drill collar and tool joint compound by Jet-Lube, free of lead and zinc and formulated to provide a high level of performance for the increasing demands of today’s oilfield market. 21® Arctic's lead-free formulation contains copper flake as the only metallic component and is fortified by a unique blend of natural, inorganic, extreme-pressure, and anti-wear additives. 21's arctic grade is for improved low temperature applicability and spray systems.

Benefits of using 21® Arctic (Oilfield)

  • Pumpable & brushable
  • Lead & zinc-free
  • Rust & corrosion inhibitors


Base Materials: Soap / Petroleum
Friction / K-Factor: 1.15 standard service (Relative to API RP 7G)
Certifications: Not classified as a marine pollutant - DOT Approval CA2006100003