Jet-Lube EZY-TURN POLAR Gate Valve Sealant for Arctic Conditions

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Gate Valve Body Fill Lubricant - (Arctic Conditions)

Designed for oilfield use under arctic conditions. EZY-TURN POLAR will not absorb or mix with water which prevents freeze up at low temperatures. It remains an effective sealant and lubricant to -75°F (-59°C). It contains 100% synthetic base oils that give excellent resistance even in most severe acid conditions. Graphite has been incorporated as a solid boundary lubricant to prevent galling of valve gates and seats, the additive package helps reduce the torque required for normal valve operation compared to other products.


  • Hydrocarbon & H₂S resistant
  • Biodegradable
  • Pumpable
  • Non-toxic

Base Materials: Inorganic Synthetic
Service Rating: -75°F to 350°F, -59°C to 177°C