Caterpillar 7W-2327 7W2327 Engine Oil Filter Advanced High Efficiency

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Standard Efficiency Filters are typically used on older machine models where tolerances are more forgiving.

Cat Engine Oil Filters are designed to meet the needs of Cat engines by providing superior protection against particles that can make their way into the lubrication system during service or component wear.


Wheel-Type Loader
924G 924GZ

Engine - Generator Set
3054 3056 C3.3 C3.3DE33E0 C3.3DE33E3 C3.3DE50E0 C3.3DE50E2 XQP30

Engine - Industrial
3034 3054 3054B 3056 3056E C3.3 XQP30

RT50 RT50SA RT60 RTC60 TH210 TH215

Mini Hydraulic Excavator

Cold Planer

Forest Products
550B 560B 564 574B

Wheeled Excavator
M316C M318C M318C MH M322C

Paving Compactor
CB-424 CB-434B CB-434C CB-544 CB-545 CP-323 CP-323C CP-433B CP-433C CP-563E CP-573E CP-663E CS-323 CS-323C CS-431C CS-431B CS-433B CS-433C CS-563E CS-573E CS-583E CS-663E CS-683E PF-300B PS-110 PS-130 PS-150B PS-180 PS-300B

Backhoe Loader
416 416B 416C 426 428 428B 436 438

Skid Steer Loader
216 226 228 232 236 242 246 247 248 252 257 262 267 277 287

Asphalt Paver
AP-1200 AP-600 AP-655C AP-800 AP-800B BB-760 BG-2255C WE-601B WE-851B

205 206 212 224 307

Marine Products
3034 3054B 3056