Caterpillar 6I-2504 6I2504 Engine Air Filter

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Standard Efficiency Engine Air - Secondary

It pays to choose genuine Cat® Filters to protect the iron that generates your income.

Cat Secondary Engine Air Filters are your last line of defense against dust, dirt and other contaminants that may damage the components of your income-producing machinery. Tasked with protecting the engine while the primary filter is being changed or in the event of a breach in the main filter, this secondary unit plays a critical role in preventing damage due to contaminants.

Constructed of durable materials and manufactured to meet Caterpillar’s stringent specifications, these air filters deliver the consistent quality and reliability that Cat owners count on. Because uptime and cost-effective maintenance are critical, Cat Air Filters have been specifically designed to protect and optimize the power of your Cat iron.

Working together, genuine Cat Primary and Secondary Filter Elements provide a cost-effective method for maintaining your engine’s integrity and increasing your equipment’s uptime on the jobsite.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increased airflow with less restriction
  • Serves the critical role of back-up filtration


Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency
Primary vs Secondary: Secondary
Seal Type: Radial Seal


Engineer Support Tractor
DEUCE 30/30

Earthmoving Compactor
815F 816F

Forest Products
533 543 558 TK370 TK371 TK380 TK381 322C

Wheel-Type Loader
924G 938G II 950G II 962G II 966D 966E 966F II 966G 970F 972G

Wheeled Excavator
M325C MH W330B

Material Handler
M325D L MH M325D MH

Engine - Generator Set

Wheel Dozer

Asphalt Paver
AP-1000B AP-1000D AP-1050B AP-1055B AP-1055D AP-655C BG-2255C BG-2455C BG-2455D BG-245C BG-260C BG-260D

Integrated Toolcarrier

324D 324D FM 324D FM LL 324D L 324D LN 324E 324E L 324E LN 325C 325C FM 325C L 325D 325D FM 325D FM LL 325D L 325D MH 326D L 326D2 326D2 L 326F 326F L 326F LN 328D LCR 329D 329D L 329D LN 329D2 329D2 L 329E 329E L 329E LN 329F L 330B 330B L 330B LN 330D2 330D2 L 330F 330F L 330F LN 330F OEM 330FMHPU 335F 335F LCR M325D L MH M325D MH 235C 322C 322C FM

Engine - Industrial
3306 3306B XQ230

Wheel Tractor-Scraper
611 613C II 615C 615C II 627E

* All fitment filter part numbers are based on your engine serial number.
* Please confirm with our team if you are unsure this filter will fit your engine.