Caterpillar 4H-6112 4H6112 Breather

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Cat Breather Assembly

Cat breather assemblies are designed to provide gases an escape route to filter the gases, oil, and water coming off from the heavy duty equipment.


  • Steel breather
  • Mounting thread: 1/4-18 NPTF
  • Hex size: 19 mm (0.75 in)
  • Cat parts are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity, less environmental impact, and reuse.


Cat breather assembly works in various cat systems. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information

Specifications for Cat 4H6112 Breather:

Length (mm): 56
Width (mm):


Earthmoving Compactor
815 815B 816B 825 825B 825C 825K 826B 826C 826K 836G 836H 836K

65 65B

Wheel-Type Loader
910E 910F 910G 914G 916 920 926 926E 930 930R 930T 936 936E 936F 938H 950 950B 950B/950E 950E 950F 950H 950K 950L 950M 950M Z 962 962H 962K 962L 962M 962M Z 966C 966D 966E 966H 966K 966K XE 966L 966M 966M XE 972H 972K 972L 972M 972M XE 980 980C 980F 980K 980K HLG 980L 980M 980XE 982 982M 982XE 986K 988 988B 988F 988F II 988G 988H 988K 988K XE 990H 990K 992 992B 992C 992G 992K 993K 994 994D 994F 994H 994K G916 G926 G936

Petroleum Products
CX31-P600 CX35-P800

Wheel-Type Skidder
518 518C 528 528B 530B FB518

Off-Highway Truck
768B 768C 769 769B 769C 769D 771C 771D 772 772B 773 773B 773D 773E 775B 775D 775E 776 776B 776C 776D 777 777B 777C 777D 777E 784B 784C 785 785B 785C 789 789B 789C 793 793B 793C 793D 797 797B

Track-Type Loader
931 931B 941 941B 951 951B 951C 955 955C 955H 955K 955L 977 977A 977D 977H 977K 977L 983B

Engine - Industrial
D342 D342C D353C D353D D353E G342C SPF343 SPF343C SPF743 SPP101 SPT343

Articulated Dump Truck
725 725C 725C2 730 730C 730C2 730C2 EJ 735 D250B D25C D300B D350C D350E D35C D35HP D400 D400D D400E D40D D44B D550B

Road Reclaimer
RM-300 RM-500 RM500B

Cold Planer
PM-200 PM-201 PM-465 PM-565 PM-565B

Forest Products
1190 1190T 1290T 1390 2290 2390 2391 2491 2590 322C 511 521 521B 522 522B 532 538 541 541 2 548 551 552 552 2 558 574 TK1051 TK711 TK721 TK722 TK732 TK741 TK751 TK752

Motor Grader
120 120B 120H 120K 120K 2 120M 120M 2 12H 12H ES 12H NA 12K 12M 12M 2 12M 3 12M 3 AWD 130G 135H 14 140 140 GC 140B 140H 140H ES 140H NA 140K 140K 2 140M 140M 2 140M 3 140M 3 AWD 143H 14G 14H 14L 14M 14M-3 14M3 150 16 160 160H 160K 160M 160M 2 160M 3 160M 3 AWD 163H 16H 16M 16M3 18 18M3 24H 24M 404F-22

Material Handler
M325D L MH M325D MH MH3295

Wheeled Excavator
M325C MH M330D MH3040 W345B II W345C MH

Track-Type Skidder

Paving Compactor
CP-323 CP-433B CS-323 CS-431B CS-433B

Wheel Dozer
814 814B 824 824B 824C 824K 824S 834 834B 834G 834H 834K 844H 844K 854G 854K

Underground Articulated Truck
AD22 AD30 AD40 AD45 AD45B AD55 AD55B AD60 AD63 AE40 AE40 II

561B 561C 561D 571G 572G 583H 583K 594 594H

Integrated Toolcarrier
IT12B IT14B IT14F IT14G IT18 IT18B IT28 IT28B IT38H

225 235 245 311C 311D LRR 311F LRR 312C 312C L 312D 312D L 312D2 312D2 GC 312D2 L 312E 312E L 312F 312F GC 313D 313D2 313D2 GC 313D2 LGP 313D2-GC 313F 313F GC 313F L 313F LGC 314C 314D CR 314D LCR 314E CR 314E LCR 314F CR 315C 315D L 315F LCR 316E L 316F 316F L 318C 318D L 318D2 318D2 L 318E L 318F 318F L 319C 319D 319D L 319D LN 320 320 GC 320 GX 320C 320C FM 320C L 320D 320D FM 320D FM RR 320D GC 320D L 320D LN 320D LRR 320D RR 320D2 320D2 FM 320D2 GC 320D2 L 320D3 320E 320E L 320E LN 320E LRR 320E RR 320F L 322C 322C FM 323 323 GX 323D 323D L 323D LN 323D S 323D SA 323D2 323D2 L 323E L 323E LN 323F 323E SA 323F L 323F LN 323F OEM 323F SA 323GC 324D 324D FM 324D FM LL 324D L 324D LN 324E 324E L 324E LN 325 325C 325C FM 325C L 325D 325D FM 325D FM LL 325D L 325D MH 325F 325F LCR 326 326D L 326D2 326D2 L 326F 326F L 326F LN 326GC 328D LCR 329D 329D L 329D LN 329D2 329D2 L 329E 329E L 329E LN 329F L 330 330 GC 330C 330C FM 330C L 330C LN 330C MH 330D 330D FM 330D L 330D LN 330D MH 330D2 330D2 L 330F 330F L 330F LN 330F OEM 330FMHPU 330GC 335 335F 335F LCR 336 336 GC 336D 336D L 336D LN 336D2 336D2 GC 336D2 L 336D2 L XE 336D2 LXE 336D2 XE 336E 336E H 336E HVG 336E L 336E LH 336E LN 336E LNH 336F 336F L 336F L XE 336F LN 336F LN XE 336F LNXE 336F XE 336FMHPU 340 340D L 340D2 L 340F 340F L LRE 340F L UHD 345 GC 345B II 345B II MH 345C 345C L 345C MH 345D 345D L 345D L VG 349 349D 349D L 349D2 349D2 L 349E 349E L 349E L HVG 349E L VG 349F 349F L 349F LXE 352 352 UHD 352F 352F OEM 352F XE VG 352F-VG 352FMHPU 365B II 365B 365C 365C L 365C L MH 374 374D L 374F 374F L 385B 385C 385C FS 385C L 385C L MH 390D 390D L 390F 390F L 395 5090B 568 FM 568 FM LL M325D L MH M325D MH

Marine Products
D326F D337F D342 D342C D353C D353D D353E

Wheel Tractor-Scraper
613 613B 619 621 621B 621E 621F 621G 621R 621S 623 623B 623G 627 627B 627F 627G 631C 631D 631E 631G 633C 633D 633E II 637 637D 637E 637G 639D 641 641B 650B 651 651B 651E 657 657B 657E 657G 660B 666 666B

Track-Type Tractor
117 118 119 127 128 129 140 141 143 153 163 24 25 29 3 30 3P 3S 4 4A 4S 5 53 55 5A 5P 5S 6 D3 D3B D4D D4E D4E SR D4H D4H III D4H XL D5 D5B D5H D5H XL D6C D6D D6D SR D6E D6E SR D6F SR D6G D6G SR D6G2 LGP D6G2 XL D7G D7G2 D8H D8K D9E D9G D9H

Load, Haul, Dump
R1300 R1300G R1300G II R1600 R1600G R1600H R1700 II R1700G R1700K R2900 R2900G R3000H

OEM Solutions
CX28 CX31 CX31-P300 CX35




* All fitment filter part numbers are based on your engine serial number.
* Please confirm with our team if you are unsure this filter will fit your engine.