Caterpillar 327-6618 3276618 Cab Air Filter Advanced High Efficiency

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Standard Cabin Air Filter

It pays to choose genuine Cat® Filters to protect the iron that generates your income.

Cat Standard Efficiency Cabin Air Filters are available for all Cat equipment models and are recommended for normal duty filtration. Utilizing standard efficiency media, our filter elements prevent dirt, soot, sand and other contaminants from entering the cab, providing a more healthy and comfortable working environment.

Because it's important to protect your equipment and your operators, choosing Cat Cabin Filter Elements is a cost-effective way to accomplish both.


  • Fits current filter housing without modification


  • Normal operating conditions

Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency


Material Handler
MH3022 MH3026 MH3024 MH3295

Wheeled Excavator
M314F M316F M320F M322F M318F M323F

329D 336F LN 329E LN 320E LRR 349F L 323D L 330D 390F L 390F 314D LCR 319D L 336F L 349E L VG 326D2 L 320F L 320E L 330F 320D LRR 352F 318E L 313F 336E LNH 349E L HVG 323F OEM 345D L 316F L 329D L 340F L LRE 328D LCR 340F L UHD 324D L 352F OEM 323E LN 314F CR 311D LRR 323D LN 336D 329E L 336E L 320D 340F 325F LCR 336D2 L 312D L 349E L 352F-VG 330FMHPU 314E LCR 324E L 323F 323F L 374F 336D L 336F 336E LH 336D2 349E 330D2 320E LN 315F LCR 314E CR 336E HVG 323F SA 323E L 326F L 318F L 323D SA 324E LN 323D2 319D LN 330F OEM 336F L XE 321D LCR 320D LN 329D LN 312F 320D L 312D 329D2 L 326D2 316E L 352F XE VG 320E 349D L 345D L VG 325F 326F 326F LN 352FMHPU 324D 315D L 312E M317F M315F 374F L 349D2 L 349F LXE 345D 336E LN 336F LN XE 329F L 336E 330D2 L 313F L 336F LNXE 312E L 336D LN 335F 320D RR 330F LN 349D2 324E 323D2 L 323E SA 336FMHPU 329E 336F XE 330F L 324D LN 335F LCR 320E RR 312D2 323D 336E H 323F LN 349F 314D CR M318F

Mini Hydraulic Excavator

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