Caterpillar 249-2347 2492347 Engine Oil Filter Advanced High Efficiency

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Advanced Efficiency Filters have increased contamination control without giving up capacity. They meet stricter emission requirements and are available as an upgrade for some Standard Efficiency Filters when better filtration is favorable.

Cat® Engine Oil Filters are designed to meet the needs of Cat engines by providing superior protection against particles that can make their way into the lubrication system during service or component wear.

Efficiency Rating: Advanced Efficiency


Wheel-Type Loader
924K 950K OEM 930K 908M OEM 930M 928G 962H 980H 924H 966H 924GZ 908H 938G II

Engine - Generator Set
C15 C18 G3532

Engine - Truck

Petroleum Products
CX38-P800 CX38-P892 CX35-P800 TH35-C13T CX31-C18I C18 TH35-E81 C15 CX31-P600 CX35-C18I

Wheel-Type Skidder

Off-Highway Truck
772 777F 770 785G

Engine - Industrial
C18 C13 C15

Track-Type Loader

Articulated Dump Truck
745C OEM 725C 735C OEM 730C2 725C OEM 745 740 725C2 730C OEM 735B OEM

Mini Hydraulic Excavator
307E 307E2

Motor Grader
120K 2

Wheeled Excavator
M315D M318F OEM M320F M316D M322F M322D

Paving Compactor
CS-433E CS-563E CS-64

Track-Type Skidder
527 OEM 527

Backhoe Loader
416E 416F 450F OEM 416F2 416E III 420D

Skid Steer Loader
259D 289C 297C 287D 277C 299C 287B

Asphalt Paver

320D2L OEM 320D2 L 312E 320C 374F 336F 336 315D L 312D L 320E 323D L 318D2 320D2 308E2 330D2 323D LN 374F MHPU 336FMHPU 336D2 326 340D 326F L OEM 313D2 320D 316F 374F OEM 340F 345C L 329F L 390D L 349F 326D2 352F 323 336E MHPU 313F 329E L OEM 349D2 336D 385C 390F L OEM 319D LN 330F 323D 336D L 323D2 336E L 390F 324D LN M317D 312C L 374D 390F MHPU 320D RR 329E 330D L 324D 335F 330D LN 324E L OEM 315F 323F OEM 325D L 328D LCR 314E CR 314D CR 349D L 349E MH 318E 316E L OEM 336D2L OEM 349D2 L 323E 420F2 312D2 GC

Marine Products

Wheel Tractor-Scraper
657G 657E 631G 615C II 621G 613C II

Expanded Mining Products
6015B 6020B

Track-Type Tractor

Oem Solutions
C15 C11 CX35 C18


AC-Delco PF981 - ALLIANCE ABP/N10G-LF691 - Baldwin B49, B7245, B7272, B7402, B97, B99 - BIG A 92722, 92801 - CARQUEST 85722, 85801 - CASE 684206-C1 - CATERPILLAR 1R-0716, 1R-1808, 249-2347, 2P-4005, 3I-1293 - DELUXE WD-617 - Donaldson LFP554206, P550788, P551808, P554105, P554206 - Fleetguard LF3472, LF691, LF691A, LF703 - FLEETRITE LFR-8703 - Fram PH3426 - General Motors GM 25011401 - HASTINGS B7402, LF282, LF360 - IHC-NAVISTAR 684206-C1, 684206C2 - KRALINATOR L206 - LUBER-FINER LFP4005, LFP4005SC, LFP4005TRT, LFP8469 - MACK 485GB4355 - Mann Filter W12104 - MOTORCRAFT FL 328 - NAPA 1722, 1801 - Purolator L45923, L50095, L65236 - Wix 51722, 51792, 51792EC, 51801, 57604