Caterpillar 233-9856 2339856 FUEL WATER SEPARATOR Advanced High Efficiency

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Standard Efficiency Fuel Water Separator

Cat® Standard Efficiency Fuel Water Separators are designed to eliminate 100% free water and 90% emulsified water, along with smaller contaminates, while also helping extend the life of your fuel filter and fuel injectors.

Designed and built specifically for Cat equipment, our fuel water separators extend the life of your secondary filter and precision fuel system components.

Choosing genuine Cat filters is the best choice for protecting your Cat equipment.


  • Designed by Caterpillar to be an integrated component of your critical fuel system
  • Only available from Caterpillar
  • No one knows Cat Fuel Systems better than Caterpillar
  • Cat Filters perform better than will-fitters - see the test results

Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency

Wheel-Type Loader
907H 906H 906 908H 908

Skid Steer Loader
236B 268B 277B 262C 252B 297C 267B 277C 272C 279C 256C 248B 246C 299C 242B3 287B 246B 287C 289C 262B 236B3 257B3 259B3 252B3

Engine - Industrial
3044C C3.4

Mini Hydraulic Excavator
305.5E 304D CR 307D 306E2 305D CR 305C CR 307E2 304C CR 307E 308E2 308D 303C CR 306E 303.5D 305.5D 303.5C 308E