Caterpillar 200-3259 2003259 Hydraulic/Transmission Filter

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Ultra High Efficiency Hydraulic Oil Filters feature synthetic media which remove a higher proportion of fine particles for optimum contamination control in the most severe applications. Cat UHE Hydraulic Oil Filters are not for Transmission applications.

Cat Hydraulic Filters provide the best protection from contaminates and abrasives by keeping them from wearing down the tight tolerances within the high pressure hydraulic system. Cleanliness is the key to maintaining proper lubrication of your sensitive hydraulic system.

Specifications for Cat 2003259 Hydraulic/Transmission Filter:

Efficiency Rating: Ultra High Efficiency


306 305.5 307D

307C 307D 308C


HIFI-FILTER SH60200, Baldwin PT23598MPG, PT8893, CASE 04273717, 153190A1, 84273717, KNJ2567, CATERPILLAR 0935369, 935369, CM-FILTER CMH4132, Donaldson J8630440, HUPPENKOTHEN 048042, IMPREFIL 001IH6053, IH6000, IH6053, IH9031, IH9318, IH9533, INGERSOLL-RAND 51132389, 57132389, JCB (J.C Bamford) 335G0846, 335G2059, KOBELCO 72276664, PH50V00005F1, MANN & HUMMEL HD12114X, MDF MDH3057, Mitsubishi B55701000, PRO-FILTERS DH233, Sakura H5622, H56221, H7986, SF-FILTER HY9533, SO9951, STEP-FILTERS HID39852, SUMITOMO KNJ2567, KRJ1599, SUNWARD HFP2015, SURE SFH0200, SFH05F1, SFH3900, TADANO 36670205030, TAKEUCHI 1551100200, 1551102600, 1551103900, 1555100200, UNIFLUX-FILTERS XH154, XH572, WISMET WHE24849, WHE26599, WHY5836, Wix R64F10N, YAMASHIN PX251A2DG, YANMAR 17218773700, 17218773730


* All fitment filter part numbers are based on your engine serial number.
* Please confirm with our team if you are unsure this filter will fit your engine.