Caterpillar 179-9806 1799806 Hydraulic Oil Filter Advanced High Efficiency

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Ultra High Efficiency Hydraulic/Transmission Filter

Smart Cat® equipment owners protect their machinery – and livelihood – when they choose genuine Cat filtration products. Cat Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) Hydraulic and Transmission Filters feature synthetic media which removes a higher proportion of fine particles for optimum contamination control in the most severe applications.

While a filter choice may not seem like a major decision, the wrong filter can accelerate wear and damage to your equipment. For example, Cat Hydraulic Filters provide the best protection from contaminates and abrasives by keeping them from wearing down the tight tolerances within the high pressure hydraulic system. On the other hand, our transmission filters have lower differential pressures than hydraulic elements, so your machinery will experience less time in bypass during cold starts.

Cat UHE Filters retain contaminants and debris that can damage your transmission and power train systems. Other benefits include:


  • Proprietary filter media provides unsurpassed protection
  • Increased debris holding capability
  • Increased resistance to collapse

Efficiency Rating: Ultra High Efficiency


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