Caterpillar 138-3100 1383100 Fuel Water Separator

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Standard Efficiency Fuel Water Separator

Cat Standard Efficiency Fuel Water Separators are designed to eliminate 100% free water and 90% emulsified water, along with smaller contaminates, while also helping extend the life of your fuel filter and fuel injectors.

Designed and built specifically for Cat equipment, our fuel water separators extend the life of your secondary filter and precision fuel system components.

Choosing genuine Cat filters is the best choice for protecting your Cat equipment.


  • Designed by Caterpillar to be an integrated component of your critical fuel system
  • Only available from Caterpillar
  • No one knows Cat Fuel Systems better than Caterpillar
  • Cat Filters perform better than will-fitters


Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency


Forest Products
564 574B

Wheel-Type Loader
906 908

Wheeled Excavator
M316C M318C M318C MH M322C

Engine - Generator Set
3054 3056 C7.1DE150E C7.1DE200E

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307 312-A 312B 312B L 315-A 315B L 317 N 317-A 317-A N M312 M315

Engine - Industrial
3054 3034 3054B 3054C 3054E 3056 3056E

TH103 TH62 TH63 TH82 TH83

Mini Hydraulic Excavator

* All fitment filter part numbers are based on your engine serial number.
* Please confirm with our team if you are unsure this filter will fit your engine.