61741 - Jet-Lube C-Plate Aerosol

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Copper Dry Film Coating

Specifically designed to aid in the break-in process of freshly-cut threads where plating services are not available, nor desired due to the occupational or environmental hazards of those chemicals. It can also be used in conjunction with plated surfaces for additional protection. C-PLATE has low VOC’s, as exempted ketones are used as the diluent solvents. C-PLATE provides a durable micro-thin coating of copper to machined surfaces, aiding in preventing galling during the break-in process. The micro-sized copper flakes adhere to the steel, utilizing a high-tech resin that air-cures at room temperature in 4 to 6 hours. With the addition of heat, an even stronger, more durable bond may be achieved. Once cured, C-PLATE forms a durable, acid-free, corrosion-resistant finish which may then be burnished into the steel surface during the initial work hardening of the threaded connection. The thin copper coating provides a dissimilar metal which acts to prohibit the metal-to-metal contact under bearing loads which may cause galling damage to threaded connections. 


  • Lead & zinc-free
  • Low VOC's
  • Durable, acid-free, corrosion-resistant finish
  • Ozone-friendly
  • Fast evaporating
  • Greaseless, acid-free film


Base Materials: Copper

TDS (Aerosol)