63029 - Jet-Lube Marine-MP 50 gal Drum

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This product is available in another size. Learn more here: https://www.industrialstop.com/products/marine-grade-anti-seize

Multipurpose Grease (Purple)

A mixed soap, calcium-lithium grease boosted with polymers that is ideal for a multitude of onboard applications where both economy and performance are important. MARINE-MP #2 is a smooth, buttery grease with an operating temperature range of -10F to 325F to provide ingle grease use for a variety of applications. It's water resistant, tenacious, and has excellent resistance to the effects of salt spray, heat, water, oxidation, and other adverse conditions common to marine usage. As a result, this product will lower maintenance costs and simplify inventory while providing excellent performance. Ideal for anti-friction and plain bearings.

Benefits of using Marine-MP™

  • Water-resistant
  • Heavy load EP Package
  • Pumpable
  • Timken Load - 55 lbs.


Base Materials: Calcium - Lithium / Petroleum
Certifications: MILITARY - 915000103 CARD
Service Rating: -10°F to 325°F, -23°C to 163°C