Jet-Lube Oven Chain Lubricant

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Chain Lubricant - NSF H1

OVEN CHAIN LUBRICANT is the answer to oven chain lubrication. It can also be utilized effectively in gear lubrication applications. It's derived from a carefully evolved blend of high viscosity, non-smoking [550°F (288°C)], low odor synthetic fluids and surface tension modifiers. These lower the surface tension of the high viscosity fluids allowing them to move effectively to penetrate into the links and pins of the chain and lubricate the chain roller.


  • Contains PTFE
  • Low odor
  • Reduced smoke
  • Non-corrosive


Base Materials: Inorganic / Synthetic
Certifications: NSF H1 Registered #113601
Service Rating: -25°F to 752°F, -32°C to 400°C