Jet-Lube TF-15 2 GALLON

Jet-Lube TF-15 2 GALLON

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JET-LUBE TF-15 Thread Sealing Compound is a high-pressure sealant containing PTFE, graphite, CZ-EX® (JETLUBE’s extreme pressure additive), and rust, corrosion, and oxidation inhibitors. All are blended in JET-LUBE’s aluminum complex grease manufactured using highly refined, low-sulfur oil to ensure brushability over a wide temperature range, tenacious adherence to all surfaces, resistance to water washout, and prevention of rust/corrosion.

  • Has a dropping point of >450°F
  • Non-petroleum based additives
  • Highly water resistant
  • Fortified with rust corrosion inhibitors
  • High fluid strength
  • Synthetic
  • Pumpable formula
  • Temkin load - 65 lbs.

TF-15 is recommended for all critical tubular components from non-precision, loose and worn threads to high precision threads, particularly those subjected to impact or rough handling upon makeup. Formulated to aid in the make-up of large diameter casing. Provides excellent protection against galling and wear, seals badly worn threads, and greatly increases connection life.


TF-15 is expressly formulated for precision threads of API oilfield casing, tubing, line pipe, subsurface production tools, and related accessories. It prevents galling and thread wear, seals badly worn threads, and greatly increases connection life.

Service Rating
-50°F to 600°F
-46°C to 315°C