29228 - Jet-Lube Run-N-Seal ECF 180 kg

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Metal-Free Thread Sealant

RUN-N-SEAL® ECF is a patented metal-free, environmentally safe, high-pressure sealant alternative for API-MODIFIED on thread seal connection designs such as 8-round, buttress & DINO VAM. The compound contains unique graphite and other non-metallic, inorganic, anti-wear additives blended into a high-quality calcium complex base grease. RUN-N-SEAL ECF contains a large volume of solids enhanced by a higher concentration of large-sized particles. The improved distribution of particle sizes and volume of solids provides an excellent seal in large and small diameter, non-shouldered or thread seal connection designs. The calcium sulfonate complex grease provides a high melting point, ensures brushability over a wide range of temperatures, and has excellent inherent water & corrosion resistance. It sticks to wet and oily steel, ensuring the compound will not wash off threads.

Benefits of using Run-N-Seal® ECF

  • Contains additives for protection against rust, corrosion, and oxidation
  • Prevents leakage (seals to 10,000 psi)
  • High film strength to protect against wear, galling, and seizure
  • H2S Inhibited


Base Materials: Calcium Complex Soap / Vegetable & Synthetic
Friction / K-Factor: 1.0 (Relative to API-MODIFIED)
Certifications: Exceeds all of the performance criteria described in API spec. 5CT, Tested in conformance with API RP 5A3, Ospar Commission-HOCNF (Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format) CLASSIFICATION: "Yellow" rating for Norway CLASSIFICATION: "E" for The United Kingdom & The Netherlands Denmark PR #: 2324106

This product is a replacement for Enviro-Guard. Both products share the same formula; therefore, you will not see a change in appearance or physical properties.