RevaBull Drill Pipe Wiper System

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The ‘RevaBull Wiper’ is a revolutionary tool on the drill floor. This handheld drill pipe wiper wipes mud clean from the drill pipes and drill collars as they are being pulled out of the hole. Unlike the traditional method of using a rubber hose or a nylon rope with rubber grip, the RevaBull Wiper performs a very clean and efficient job while ensuring safety of the operator. The device increases safety for workers on the rig and allows companies to collect more valuable oil- based mud. Companies that manage onshore and offshore oil rigs will benefit from the RevaBull Wiper to make the entire operation safer and more profitable. 

The wiper is made from 2 symmetrical halves which both have a flexible wiper insert that can accommodate different size drill pipes and drill collars. The operator simply wraps the tool around the drill pipe or drill collar and locks it into place using the magnetic locks at the opening. Should the stress on the tool exceed the calibrated safe operating stress, the magnetic lock will open up to ensure safety of the operator and those nearby. A locking lever model is also available for operators who prefer a mechanical lock against a magnetic lock. 

The resistance of the tool on the drill pipe as it comes up out of the hole has almost zero weight to it. The weight of the operators is all that is required to keep the tool down. Special wiper blades are available for specific applications such as wiping mud from drill collars or heavy spirals. These special wiper blades allow almost 80% mud recovery by wiping mud from the hard to reach places that are left out by conventional wipers. 


 Thanks to its unique design and various wiper blades, the Reva-Bull Wiper ensures almost 95% mud recovery. The special wiper blades designed for drill collars ensure that maximum mud is recovered from the drill collars, especially the spiral grooves of the drill collar from where traditional drill pipers fail to wipe mud. 


Most of the rigs use a rubber hose or a nylon rope for wiping the drill pipe as it comes out of the drill hole. This rubber hose is an unsafe tool as it lacks proper grip in the oil filled mud. When the hose comes in contact with the drill pipe tool joint, the operator has to use his hands or fore fingers to keep the hose tight against the face of the tool joint. Often, metal shavings generated from the roughneck jaws might pierce through the gloves and injure the operator’s hands as he tries to use the hose and his fore fingers to wipe the pipe. The RevaBull Wiper eliminates all these completely. 


Drilling and tripping in the unsafe zone is very critical and time is a serious factor as there is a very high chance of well cave in. This is because the drill bit is drilling in a new zone that is unprotected by the casing. Should a cave in occur, it will result in many hours of down time and losses to the drilling company. Installing conventional wipers can be time consuming and thus increasing the chances of cave in as the time involved to pull the drill pipe out from the well is increased. The Reva-Bull Wiper provides a new innovative approach that minimizes this potential cave-in time. 


The rubber hose often gets entrapped around the tool joint which has a larger diameter than the drill pipe. This can lead to a sudden upward jerk which can cause injury to the arms of the operator. The RevaBull Wiper eliminates this problem completely as its innovative magnetic lock design will automatically open up on sudden excessive impact releasing the tool from the drill pipe. 


Every time the operator uses the rubber hose he has to wear rubber gloves. An oil film generated from the drilling mud disallows proper gripping of the hose with the gloves. The RevaBull Wiper ensures that the operator has sufficient grip to wipe the mud effectively and thus is in control of the operation at all times. 


Synthetic / Oil Base Mud contain chemicals that are hazardous to the human skin. Using rubber gloves and loose ends of rubber hoses with no control of mud deflection or direction usually leads to the OBM (Oil Based Mud) to come in contact with the operator’s skin around the wrist and forearm areas. This mud causes severe allergic reactions to many people and could result in employee dismissal. The RevaBull Wiper discourages contact of the OBM with the operator by allowing the operator to deflect mud away from his body. The grips of the tool will provide a much safe operation and more control for the operator while wiping down the pipe.

Includes: Wiper Body, 1 set of Wiper Blades
(Blade size to be specified at time of order)