Renew 20 Pail Chain and Cable Fluids

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Each time a wire rope bends or flexes, the strands rub together. In addition, the outer strands rub against the sheaves. Renew Wire Rope Oil protects the strands and sheaves from friction and wear. This increases wire rope life while decreasing downtime for changeouts. The final result is more production and less cost.

Renew Wire Rope Oil is specially formulated to penetrate to the core of the rope. Thus, it lubricates inner rope strands, leaving a nondrying, nontacky film on the rope exterior.

Renew Wire Rope Oil contains highly efficient extreme pressure additives to provide maximum load carrying ability. It also provides excellent corrosion protection.


  • PROLONGS WIRE ROPE LIFE - readily penetrates to the core and lubricates internal strands.
  • NONTACKY - eliminates dirt pick up and lubricant sling off.
  • EXTREME LOAD-CARRYING ABILITY - extends wire rope life and minimizes downtime.


Whitmore's Renew can be used to lubricate all sizes of wire rope as well as chains, leaf springs and other applications where a penetrating oil is needed.

Renew can be applied automatically or manually as required. Best results will be obtained if it is applied while the rope passes over a sheave.

Size and Type Container: Pail

Weight: 38 LBS.