RamFan GX500 24" Fire Rescue Gas PPV Ventilator

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Equipped with PowerStream® air straighteners that produce a powerful, straight, focused beam of air; allowing the fan to be set back further from a structure’s entrance without sacrificing PPV performance. The GX500 offers superior ventilation with less equipment clutter and reduced noise inside the structure. The PowerStream FlowPath™ penetrates deeper through the structure than traditional cone of air.


RamFan GX500 24 Fire Rescue Gas PPV Ventilator



Model  GX500
Part#  GD5005, GD5003 (China CCCF certified)
Weight  137 lbs / 62 kg
Impeller  7-Blade
Dimensions (h/w/d)  30.06 x 29.13 x 24.67 in / 76.3 x 73.9 x 62.6 cm
Engine  Honda GX270 8.5 Hp / 6.3 kW
Noise  100 dB@3' (1 m) / 96 dB@10' (3 m)
Run Time  2 hrs 2 min
Approval  CE