16025 - Jet-Lube Moly-Mist 110 lb

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MOLY-MIST™ consists of a high percentage of micro-fine MoS2 suspended in a unique liquid, quick drying vehicle, it bonds dry-form MoS2 powder to surfaces without heating or baking. When sprayed on any surface it “touches dry” quickly and cures to an even, tenacious coating in 30 minutes. Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) is a solid, dry-form lubricant with a coefficient of friction of only 0.03. Under sliding pressure, it will bond to ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, glass, rubber, wood, etc. It has high chemical and thermal stability; is inert to water, oil, alkalis, many acids and solvents.

MOLY-MIST lowers friction, prevents galling, seizure, stickslip, fretting, corrosion and metal-to-metal contact; reduces torque and power consumption. It can be applied while equipment is in motion, deposits a coating of MoS2 on hard to reach surfaces of fixed, moving or irregular parts. MOLY-MIST is used wherever a dry lubricant is needed, particularly where temperatures are extreme, where environments are hostile, and where friction must be kept to a minimum. For high temperature applications the equipment must be cool prior to application due to propellant flammability.

Benefits of using Moly-Mist™

  • Lead Free
  • Quick dry bonding
  • Enhances machines surfaces
  • Noncorrosive
  • Highly tenacious/li>
  • • Bonds to both ferrous and nonferrous metals


MOLY-MIST provides the initial lubrication protection that is needed where conventional lubrication in most cases cannot. Its low coefficient of friction, bonding tenacity, and ability to sustain lubrication make MOLY-MIST a pre-assembly necessity.

Lubrication - or lack of lubrication - on the first pass or revolution of a wearing surface to a large extent determines the life of a component. New parts contain rough surfaces in the form of microscopic imperfections. Use of MOLY-MIST during initial “running in” period will provide extended service life.