Jet-Lube Kopr-Kote Geothermal Tool Joint & Drill Collar Coumpund

Jet-Lube Kopr-Kote Geothermal Tool Joint & Drill Collar Coumpund

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KOPR-KOTE GEOTHERMAL drill collar and tool joint compound is a premium-quality, unleaded compound containing copper flake, graphite, and other natural extreme pressure and anti-wear additives.

  • Extreme High Temp -0°F to 700°F
  • Contains no lead or zinc.
  • Extreme pressure additives provide additional protection against seizing and galling and allow consistent makeup.
  • Non-Melt Formula
  • Unequaled resistance to makeup downhole.
  • Sticks to wet joints.
  • Double Duty Drill Collar Compound

Technical Specifications:

  • Thickener: Bentone Clay
  • Fluid Type: Petroleum
  • Dropping Point (ASTM D-2265): None
  • Specific Gravity: 1.15
  • Density (lb/gal): 9.6k
  • Oil Separation (ASTM D-6184) WT. % LOSS @ 212°F (100°C): <3.0
  • Flash Point (ASTM D-92): >590°F (310°C)
  • NLGI Grade: 1.5
  • Penetration @ 77°F (ASTM D-217): 275 - 305
  • Copper Strip Corrosion (ASTM D-4048): 1A, typical
  • 4-Ball (ASTM D-2596):
    • Weld Point, kgf: 800, typical
  • Friction Factor: 1.15 (standard service)
    • Relative to RP7G
  • Service Rating: 0°F (-18°C) TO 700° (370°C)