10315 - Jet-Lube Kopr-Kote Arctic Drill Collar and Tool Joint Compound - 5 gallon

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This product has been replaced by Jet-Lube KOPR-KOTE Arctic Water Well Drill Rod Compound


Oilfield Tool Joint & Drill Collar Compound - Arctic Formula

Jet-Lube Kopr-Kote Arctic Drill Collar and Tool Joint Compound is a premium-quality, unleaded compound containing copper flake, graphite, and other natural extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. KOPR-KOTE ARCTIC uses the same solids package formulated to prevent excessive circumferential makeup by increasing the coefficient of friction under compressive forces as standard KOPR-KOTE®. For severe cold drilling applications KOPR-KOTE ARCTIC utilizes very low pour-point naphthenic oil which greatly improves the applicability of the compounds to the connection while providing the same water resistance of standard KOPR-KOTE.

Benefits of using Kopr-Kote Arctic 
  • Repeatable frictional characteristics
  • Resistance to downhole make-up
  • Highly adhesive
  • Improved low temperature applicability
  • Contains no lead or zinc
  • Extreme pressure additives
  • Sticks to wet joints


  • Repeatable frictional characteristics
  • High temp complex grease
  • Resistance to make up downhole
  • Not considered a marine pollutant
  • Highly adhesive


Base Materials: Anhydrous Calcium / Petroleum
Friction / K-Factor: 1.15 (drill strings) Relative to API RP 7G, 1.40 (relative to API-Mod) Relative to API RP 5A3
Certifications: Not classified as marine pollutant - DOT Approval CA2004080025


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