26513 - Jet-Lube Kol'R-King 3.5 Gallon Pail

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KOL’R KING Drill Collar Compound contains 60% pure metallic lead, rust and corrosion inhibitors, plus special proprietary binders to reduce lead buildup and minimize the need for wire brushing on breakout. The premium quality metallic lead in KOL’R KING meets or exceeds the lead specifications listed in the First Appendix of API Recommended Practice 5A3.



KOL’R KING Drill Collar Compound is designed to provide maximum protection of drill collar threads and shoulders over a wide variety of conditions. The premium quality metallic lead forms a gasket-like shield on threads and shoulders and acts as a cushion, preventing direct metal-to-metal contact, and protects against damage from galling or seizure caused by extreme shock loads on drill collars. The high volume of solids also allows KOL’R KING to be used as a pipe thread sealant and as an anti-seize thread compound.


Should not be used where the use of products containing Lead is prohibited.