HHST14 - 14" HoldIt Hand Safety Tool

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Tool, Hand Safety Holdit 14"

The new HoldIt Hand Safety Tool helps to avoid hand related injuries while striking objects. The HoldIt Hand Safety Tool is cleverly designed to prevent hand safety issues that help:

  • Hold striking wrenches, large diameter pins and other objects to keep the worker’s hands away from potential impact
  • Extend the reach of the worker so their hands are out of harm’s way


  • Comes in 14", 30" and 48" to meet your safe distance striking object needs
  • Kevlar loop holds objects from 0.75” - 3.5“ in diameter
  • Constructed out of a light weight, durable material
  • High visibility orange color
  • 4” hand guard
  • Secure holding due to screw type mechanics
  • Tightens and loosens with the turn of the handle
  • Fast.75” movement with each turn allows for quick securing and releasing
  • Tool lanyard attachment point to prevent dropping of the tool