Decathlon HTC 930 Pail Chain and Cable Fluids

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Since their introduction to the Whitmore product line, Whitmore’s Decathlon HTC oils have proven again and again that they can meet and exceed the performance requirements of the most demanding high temperature applications.

Increasingly OEM’s are realizing that the lubricant, far from being an afterthought, can expand the capabilities of equipment, and help provide a performance advantage.

In the area of high temperature lubrication, Decathlon HTC oils have given that “edge” in comparison to both well-known and exotic brands of synthetic oil.

Decathlon HTC oils are recommended when deposits such as carbon and varnish are not tolerable. The thin film evaporation characteristics of HTC oils are excellent. However, an even more crucial issue is residue. Carbon deposits and varnish cause wear. Not only will Decathlon HTC oils not cause these deposits, if equipment is currently suffering from this contamination, the natural detergency of HTC oils will loosen and dissolve it.

HTC oils are a blend of complex synthetic base fluids and a revolutionary combination of synergistic antioxidants

Decathlon HTC oils are formulated to protect against a corrosive atmosphere and resist oxidation at high temperatures.

Decathlon HTC oils can support fluid film lubrication on chain pins, bearings, and wire ropes at high temperatures.


  • OXIDATION RESISTANCE - low formation of carbon, varnish, and other residues. Absolutely no abrasive deposits are formed when used within the recommended temperature range (see below).
  • ANTIWEAR - chain wear is controlled by excellent fluid film and antiwear properties of a temperature stable additive chemistry.


Decathlon HTC oils are recommended for use up to 450°F (230°C) and intermittent service up to 550°F (285°C). Decathlon HTC oils are designed for the lubrication of roller chains, bearings and wire ropes, where protection from wear at high temperatures is needed.

Decathlon HTC 930 oil is highly suitable for use in glass bottle forming operations for lubrication of the Glass Machine itself, also conveyor chains, and gearboxes operating at both normal and high temperatures.

Use HTC oils on machines for manufacturing light bulbs and also on continuous presses for manufacture of medium density fiberboard.

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Weight: 38 LBS.