Caterpillar 4T-6788 4T6788 Hydraulic Oil Filter

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Advanced Efficiency Hydraulic/Transmission Filter

Smart Cat equipment owners protect their machinery – and livelihood – when they choose genuine Cat filtration products.

Cat Advanced Efficiency Hydraulic and Transmission Filters provide increased contamination control without giving up superior dirt-holding. Using improved filter media, our filters offer higher efficiency, improved capacity and lower pressure drop characteristics.

Pleat spacing is rigidly maintained by acrylic beading that prevents bunching and provides maximum filtration surface area throughout the life of the filter. In addition, the integrated seal ensures a separation between the clean and dirty sides of the element.

While it may seem as though will-fit filters are suitable for your machinery, no other company knows your equipment like we do. Because Cat maintenance products are designed and produced by the same company that manufactures your machinery, you can count on our filter elements to deliver superior fit and performance every time. Switch to Cat Filters today by contacting your local Caterpillar dealer or search using your will-fit part number at

  • Cat Advanced Efficiency Hydraulic and Transmission Filters offer an increased level of protection offering the following benefits:
  • Unique filter media provides unsurpassed protection
  • Increased debris holding capability
  • Increased resistance to collapse

Specifications for Cat 4T6788 Hydraulic Oil Filter:

Efficiency Rating: Advanced Efficiency


Material Handler

Petroleum Products

Off-Highway Truck
69D 769D 771D 773D 773E 775D 775E 776D 777D 777E 785G 789D 789G 793F 793F AC 793F CMD 785 793F OEM 793F XQ 794 AC 795F AC 795F XQ 796 AC 797 797B 797F 798 798 AC

350-A 350 L 350-A L 365B 365B II 365B L 365C 365C L 365C L MH 374D L 374F 374F L 375-A 375-A L 385B 385C 385C FS 385C L 385C L MH 390D 390D L 390F 390F L 5080 5090B

572R 572R II

Track-Type Loader
953C 963C

Track-Type Tractor
56 56H 57H 6 6A 6S 6SU 7 7A 7S 7SU 7U D6H D6H II D6H XL D6H XR D6R D6R II D7H D7R D7R II D8N


Fram PH3567, AC-Delco PF2010, PF2021, PF941, AG-CHEM-EQUIPMENT 708476, Baldwin BT287-10, BT387-10, BT424, BEHRINGER FLUID SYSTEMS BS0128S10N38, BIG A 92759, CANFLO CORPORATION RSE50-10, CARQUEST 85759, 85865, CASE 7738743, D80538, R25844, CATERPILLAR 342449, 3I-1627, 4T-6788, 8J-1600, 9T-5664, CHAMPION ROAD 13028, CLARK 1992053, 6591038, CROSLAND 7513, DELAWARE MANITOU DMS511AN, DELUXE WD-347, DITCH-WITCH 155-954, Donaldson P163068, P165189, P165879, P550388, P550590, ELGIN SWEEPER 1030553, 7071030, EXCEL INDUSTRIES 26633, Fleetguard HF28792, HF6132, HF6163, HF6710, MK13077, FLEETRITE HFR-86027, HFR-86067, HFR-86163, HFR-86710, FLUID-POWER-SYSTEMS 3800004, 3800077, Ford D5NN-F914-A, D8NN-M903-FA, General Motors GM 25011184, 25012521, GONHER GP135, GP135M, GRESEN 7520-001, 7520001, FS-251, K-23018, K-23041A, HAGIE 605602, HARNISCHFEGER 1046Z602, HASTINGS HF738, HF903, HENGST H217W, HESSTON 7738743, HIFI-FILTER SH56760, HYCON MFE160-10-2, HYDAC MF1062, HYDRA-MAC 3401303, INGERSOLL-RAND 10353985, 59587196, 59587916, JACOBSEN 554891, John Deere AT44696, AT58368, GG17032373, GG17032376, KOEHRING 8320240, KRALINATOR L194, LENZ CP12821056, CP128255, LHA SPE-50-10, LUBER-FINER LFH4951, LFH4955, LFH5068-10, LFH7355, LFP449, Mann W1237X, MARION 3800004Y8, 3800077F7, 3800083Y8, MCNEILUS MTM00436, MICHIGAN-FLUID-POWER S58, MORBARK 26838-641, MOTORCRAFT FH-61, FH61, NAPA 1759, NEW HOLLAND 262546, 591567, 681786, NORMAN-EQUIPMENT 525, OWATONNA 170-32342, 170-32375, PALL HC7500FDJ4H, HC9500SUJ4H, HC9500SUJ4HY5, PARKER HANNIFIN 926163, 926170, 929096, PRINCE FB10, Purolator H40029, SEPARATION-TECHNOLOGIES ST6710, Sofima S8047RH, TORO 74-3570, 80-76001, UFI 8004700, UNIVERSAL 902188, UNIVERSAL-POWER UPC6710W8A, VERSATILE V15801, Wix 51759, ZINGA GCE-10, SE-10


* All fitment filter part numbers are based on your engine serial number.
* Please confirm with our team if you are unsure this filter will fit your engine.