Caterpillar 308-9679 3089679 Fuel Filter Ultra High Efficiency

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Ultra High Efficiency Fuel Filter

Cat® Ultra High Efficiency Fuel Filters are built to meet strict fuel cleanliness requirements demanded by tighter component tolerances, increased engine temperatures, higher injector pressures and strict emission guidelines. Caterpillar testing proves Cat Ultra High Efficiency Fuel Filters provide superior protection. Cat UHE Filters are quite simply the best filter you can buy for your Cat equipment.

Maximizing injector life demands filtration capable of limiting the size and number of particles that get through the fuel filter. From a duration perspective, injectors tested with Cat elements significantly outlasted those tested with competitive filters. In addition, injectors exhibited significantly less wear and fuel leakage. See the test results.

Constructed with a strong, one-piece can design and a non-metallic center tube that is cleaner and stronger than metal, Cat Fuel Filters maximize cleanliness and minimize potential leaks.

When you want maximum productivity, choose filters from the equipment manufacturer itself – Cat Filters are always the best option for Cat machines.

Our highly differentiated filters allow system components to function as designed and helps to avoid premature efficiency losses and failures by using:

  • Proprietary filter media provides unsurpassed protection
  • Acrylic beads to avoid bunching
  • Spiral roving for better pleat stability
  • A nylon center tube to prohibit metal contamination
  • Molded end caps to stop leaks


Efficiency Rating: Advanced Efficiency


Motor Grader
12M 2 12M 3 12M 3 AWD 140M 140M 2 140M 3 140M 3 AWD 160M 2 160M 3 160M 3 AWD

Wheel-Type Loader
966K 966L 966K XE 966M 966M XE 972K 972L 972M 972M XE

Petroleum Products

Engine - Industrial
C9.3 C9.3B

Articulated Dump Truck

* All fitment filter part numbers are based on your engine serial number.
* Please confirm with our team if you are unsure this filter will fit your engine.