Caterpillar 194-8557 1948557 Hydraulic/Transmission Filter

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Standard Efficiency Hydraulic/Transmission Oil Filter

Smart Cat equipment owners protect their machinery – and livelihood – when they choose genuine Cat filtration products.

Cat Standard Efficiency Hydraulic and Transmission Filters are designed to maintain system cleanliness and integrity in most normal and light duty applications. Your first defense against component wear due to oil contamination. Cat Filters deliver quality, consistency and on-machine performance, resulting in superior filtration. Transmission-specific filters are designed to hold more contaminants and offer longer service intervals in these systems, so using the correct filter at appropriate maintenance intervals is critical.

Ensuring proper lubrication of your equipment’s hydraulic and transmission systems reduces repair costs and increases uptime for your income-generating iron, which is why choosing Cat Filters is a good business decision. Cat maintenance products are designed by the same company that manufactures your machinery, so you can count on our filter elements to deliver superior fit and performance every time.


  • Designed by Caterpillar to be an integrated component of your hydraulic system
  • Only available from Caterpillar
  • No one knows Cat Hydraulic Systems better than Caterpillar
  • Cat Filters do perform better than will-fitters


Specifications for Cat 1948557 Hydraulic/Transmission Filter:

Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency



Paving Compactor



HIFI-FILTER SH63301, AEBI 1049070, TP2096513, Baldwin PT9142, PT9179, BONDIOLI-PAVESI 180030300, ZDIF180030300, CATERPILLAR 1948557, CLAAS 0006569550, CM-FILTER CMH4430, CMH4757, Donaldson P171504, FILPRO RTFE330, RTFE340, FISPA LI3415, Fleetguard HF35200, GREEN-MECH EC151029, HIFI-FILTER CR303, SH63164, HYDROLINE CE025P25, FIF04B025, IKRON HEK0210060ASSP025VMB17, HHC01099, HHC03430, HHC04013, IPS-Parts FTH6534, LHA TIE0820P, MAHLE 852315MIC25, MDF MDH4533, MDH7290, MODINA 48151, 52751, 52752, MP-FILTRI F320, F325, F3A25, F3P20A, MF0301P25N, MF0301P25NB, MF0301P25NBP01, NAUDER CR4020, OMFB 11800202051, OMT CA30BNR, CA30BR, CR091C25R, CR40B, CR40BN, ICR40B, PALFINGER PF15825, PRO-FILTERS DH1647, DH303, DH3036, DH303B, REFORMWERKE-BAUER 900430934, SCHROEDER 3TA25, SF-FILTER HY15598, HY18210, HY18413, Sofima CRE008CV1, RE8CV1, STEP-FILTERS HID18234, UFI 7602200, ERA21NCD, UNIFLUX-FILTERS XH39, WISMET WHE30187, WHE30370, WHY6872


* All fitment filter part numbers are based on your engine serial number.
* Please confirm with our team if you are unsure this filter will fit your engine.