Caterpillar 154-9385 1549385 Natural Gas Filter

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Natural Gas Filter

Clean Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is required to deliver the performance you expect from your Cat® equipment. If your CNG isn’t clean, dry and oil-free, your machinery will experience fouled or plugged fuel injectors, engine damage, difficult cold starts, rough idle, acceleration hesitation and component failure. All of these problems can lead to increased repair costs, more downtime and reduced income.

Cat CNG Engine Filters remove harmful oil and water vapor/aerosols, and many types of particulate matter including dust, rust and scale.

While other elements may fit your equipment, genuine Cat Filters deliver superior quality and protection that ensures you’ll maximize the life of your equipment and its resale value, which is good for your bottom line.


  • Minimizes fouling or plugging of injectors and fuel rail solenoids
  • Removes unwanted solids, liquids and vapors in compressed natural gas
  • Eliminates rough idle, vehicle stalling and hesitation under acceleration


Engine - Generator Set
G3516B G3520B G3520C PMG3516

Engine - Industrial
G3520B G3520C

* All fitment filter part numbers are based on your engine serial number.
* Please confirm with our team if you are unsure this filter will fit your engine.