134-6307 - CAT Element Kit

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134-6307 Element Kit / Fuel Water Separator

Standard Efficiency Fuel Water Separators are designed to eliminate 100% free water and 90% emulsified water along with smaller contaminates while helping extend the life of your secondary filter and expensive injectors.

Cat® Fuel Water Separators are built to extend the life of your secondary filter and precision fuel system components.

For Generator Sets:

G3508 (CTN1-UP engine), G3512 (CRN1-UP, CSP1-UP), G3516 (25Z1-458 , 25Z459-814, 25Z815-6880, 25Z6881-UP, CPG-UP, CSZ1-UP, ZAZ1-UP, ZBA1-UP), PM3412 (CAJ1-UP), PM3508 (BLM1-UP, BPY1-UP), PM3512 (BNR1-UP, BRF1-UP), PM3516 (BPD1-UP, CAC1-UP), 3406C (2AM1-UP, 4BM1-UP), 3412 (2WJ1-UP, 81Z1-UP), 3412C (BLG1-UP), 3508 ( 23Z1-510, 23Z511-725, 23Z726-1332, 23Z1333-2320, Z23Z2321-7722, 23Z7723-UP, CAW1-UP, CNF1-UP, CNE1-UP, ZAB1-UP), 3508B (6PN1-471, 6PN472-UP, BGX1-UP, CNB1-UP, ZAD1-UP), 3512 (24Z1-777, 24Z778-990, 24Z991-1633, 24Z1634-1966, 24Z1967-9745, 24Z9746-UP, CMJ1-UP, FDR1-UP, ZAF1-UP), 3512B (8RM1-UP, BLF1-UP, BRK1-UP, CMC1-UP, ZAH1-UP, ZAJ1-UP), 3512C (SBG1-UP), 3516 (25Z1-458, 25Z459-814, 25Z815-6880, 25Z6881-UP, 5SJ1-UP, CAL1-UP, CMD1-UP, GZR1-UP, GZX1-UP, ZAK1-UP, ZAL1-UP), 3516B (1HZ1-194 Engine, 1HZ195-UP Engine), 3516C (SBJ1-UP, SBK1-UP)

For Industrial Engines:

G3516 (4EK1-499, 4EK500-UP), SPF343 (6RZ1-UP), SPF343C (RTX1-UP), SPS342 (2LZ219-UP), SPS343 (8ZZ1-UP), SPT343 (5XZ1018-UP), 3508 (6TJ1-13, 6TJ14-UP), 3508B (5PS1-216, 5PS217-UP, BPX1-UP), 3512 (2WK1-71, 2WK72-UP, 49Y1-422, 65Z1-590, 49Y423-455, 65Z591-592, 49Y456-UP, 65Z593-UP), 3512B (2AF1-UP, 3ZW1-122, 3ZW123-UP, BRC1-UP), 3512C (R1A1-UP), 3516 (27Z1-633, 27Z634-634, 27Z635-UP, 9KF1-103, 9KF104-UP), 3516B (6HZ1-UP, BCK1-UP, CAN1-UP), 3516C (T2X1-UP), 3616 (ZYD1-UP)

For Marine Engines:

3508 (3HM1-UP, 9WN1-UP), 3512B (8EM1-UP, NSC1-UP), 3512C (MKH1-UP, MRG1-UP), 3516B (B5G1-UP, PAG1-UP)


P552020 , PF7890-30 , 2020PM



Alco MD551, MD-551, Atlas Copco AC291408600, Baldwin PF590/30, PF59030, PF590-30, PF7790-30, PF7890/30, PF789030, PF7890-30, Caterpillar 134-6307, Donaldson P552024, Fleetguard FS20203, Fram CS10965, Hitachi 4448737, H4730252190, In-Line Filters FBWPF779030, FBW-PF7790-30, FBWPF789030, FBW-PF7890-30, John Deere RE171321, Kralinator FS753R, FS753R1, FS753R-1, Luberfiner L2020F30, L2020FN30, L2020FN-30, Napa 3437, 3791, Racor 2020PM, 2020PMOR, 2020PM-OR, 2020SM30, 2020SM-30, Ryco HDR2492P, Schupp SF SK3927/R, SK3927R, Separ 20230, Tecfil PD202, Volvo 3827278, 889422, Wix 33437, 33791, Woodgate WGFS1206/30, WGFS120630, WGFS1206-30

Caterpillar 3406C, 3412, 3412, 3412C, 3412C, 3508, 3508, 3508, 3508; 3508B, 3508B, 3508B, 3508B, 3512, 3512, 3512; 3512B, 3512; 3512B, 3512; 3512B, 3512B, 3512B, 3512C, 3516, 3516, 3516; 3516B, 3516;3516B, 3516B, 3516B, 3516C, 3516C, G3508, G3512, G3516, PM3412, PM3508, PM3512, PM3516, PP3516, SPF343, Freightliner FL112(Cummins ISM Engine), FLA(Caterpillar 3406 Engine), FLB(Caterpillar 3176 Engine), FLB(Caterpillar C10 Engine), FLB(Caterpillar C12 Engine), FLD(Caterpillar 3406E Engine), FLD(Cummins L10 Engine), FLD(Cummins M11 Engine), FLD(Cummins NTC Engine), Hitachi EX1200-5; EX1200-5C(Mitsubishi Engine), EX1900; EX1900-5 Giant(Hitachi S12A-Y1T Engine), John Deere 350D Series II(Mercedes OM501LA Tier 3 Engine), 350D; 400D(Mercedes OM501LA Engine), 400D Series II(Mercedes OM501LA Tier 3 Engine)