5L-3773 Exhaust Bellow Gasket

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Gaskets seal the joint of two mating surfaces to prevent leakage and contamination.


  • Cat® parts are manufactured to precise specifications and built for durability, reliability, productivity, cost, and less environmental impact to deliver great value for customers.
  • Cat sealing system uses a robust design, testing, and validation process. Buy the latest Genuine Cat gasket to protect your investment.


Gaskets are used in many static joints throughout Cat machines and engines.

Height (in): 0.1
Length (in): 11


Cold Planer
PM825 PM820 PM822

Engineer Support Tractor

SR4 SR500

Engine - Generator Set
G3516 3412C 3412 3516C 3516B G3412C C32 3408B 3512B G3508 3516 C18 PM3412 D398B 3508 3408C 3512 G3512E 3508B XQG400 PM3516 3512C 3208 G3516B 3406C 3408 PM3508 PM3512 CG137-12 C27 D379B 3508C C15 I6 PMG3516 C15 G3512 C18 I6 3406B G3412 D399 PP3516

Petroleum Products
3508C 3512B C32 3512C 3512 TH55-E70 3508B 3512E CX35-P800 TH48-E70 C27 CX31-C15I C18 TH48-E80 CX48-P2300 TH55 TH35-C15I C15 TH35-E81 3516B CX31-P600

Off-Highway Truck


Engine - Industrial
3412 3406B 3408 D348 G3512 3408B G379 3512 3406C 3508B 3508 D353C 3516B D398 G3508 3512B G3516J 3516 D353D G379A 3412C G3512B C32 SPS342 D379 CG137-08 SPT342 D398B D353E G3516 D379B D349 G3508B C18 D343 SPF343 C27 D346 3412E C15 G3508J G3408C G399 G3520B G3412 G3516B 3408C G3512J G3408B 3508C G398 G3408 D399 3516C SCT673 C-16 3512C 3408E CG137-12 C-15 SPF343C G3520J SR4

Marine Products
3512 3508 C32 3508C 3516B 3408B 3512B D353D D379B 3412C C30 3406E D353E 3412E D348 C18 D398A D398B 3516 3408C C12 3412 D399 3508B D379A D343 C15 D349 3408 D346 D353C 3406B

Track-Type Tractor