59071 - Jet-Lube Jet-Lok Ec-Gel 1 oz Tube

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JET-LUBE JET-LOK EC-GEL Instant Super-Glue is a thixotropic gel-like super-glue. It is a non-drip formulation and will not run on vertical surfaces.


  • Instant super-glue
  • Medium to low viscosity cyanoacrylate
  • Bonds plastics and rubber
  • Fast bond time
  • Cure speed: 15-40 seconds

General purpose bonding of plastics, name plates to equipment (plastic), thread termination on book bindings. Recommended for use on small gaps or relatively smooth, even surfaces.


Where vertical surfaces and/or large gaps are being bonded, EC-Gel is ideal.

Using a gel formula as super glue is ideal for eliminating waste and the issues to relate to gluing your finger to the part. Apply the gel directly to the surface by placing one drop at the point of contact allowing the glue to travel or spread as you press fit the item together.

Service Rating
-65°F to 180°F
-54°C to 82°C