47161 - Jet-Lube 550 Extreme 6 oz Tube

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Anti-Seize & Thread Lubricant

550 Extreme 6 oz. tube of Jet-Lube is an enhanced formulation using a balance of molybdenum disulfide and surface modified synthetic graphite combined offering maximum protection against seizure and heat-freeze, eases assembling and dismantling, and saves man hours. 550® Extreme® protects against rust, oxidation and corrosion. It will not harden, evaporate, or settle out; and it requires no thinning. It contains no VOC’s and has low “E” (Emissions) technology, making it the ideal product for petrochemical plants and valve maintenance needs.


  • No VOC's
  • Low "E" (Emission)
  • Rust & corrosion inhibitors
  • Lead-free
  • Not affected by contraction, expansion or vibration


Base Materials: Complex / Petroleum
Friction / K-Factor: 0.17
Certifications: MIL-PRF-907F, Raytheon Specification - M8656839 Type III
Service Rating: -65°F to 2400°F, -54°C to 1316°C


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