39543 - Jet-Lube Magic Wrench® 16 oz Trigger Spray

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JET-LUBE MAGIC WRENCH Super Penetrant attacks rust and corrosion quickly and safely to free corroded parts, loosen nuts and aids in the disassembly of mechanical components.

  • Synthetic Fluids
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe on Metal & Plastic
  • Low VOC Formula
  • Silicone Free
  • Ozone safe
  • Nonflammable
  • Nonevaporative

Versatile synthetic formula penetrates, lubricates, removes moisture and protects chains, cables, slides and other moving parts. Silicone free. Nonevaporative. Safe on all metals and plastics. Excellent for both food grade and non-food grade applications. Low V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Components) formula assures not only an environmentally responsible product, but more active ingredients to enhance product performance.


MAGIC WRENCH is a premium, synthetic product that may be used as a light machine oil, penetrating oil or rust preventive. Excellent for use on equipment such as chains, linkages, cams and slides, stirrups on bottle-filling machines, valves, pins, hinges, cables, etc. In addition, MAGIC WRENCH is an ideal product for the lubrication and conditioning of air tools.

Not recommended for surfaces to be painted.

Service Rating
-60°F to 350°F
-51°C to 177°C