384-8611 Fuel Transfer Pump

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Fuel Transfer Pump

Fuel Transfer Pumps draw fuel from the fuel tank and push it under pressure to the injectors on the engine. Cat® Fuel Transfer Pumps are developed specifically for Cat engines, to maintain a constant flow of fuel at the optimum pressure needed at any moment. Each unit undergoes extensive testing to ensure the highest quality and reliability. Regardless of the equipment it’s powering or the conditions it has to endure, you’ll get outstanding wear life and overall performance that no will-fit product can beat.

  • All new gasket seals, springs and wear parts.
  • All Cat parts come with a full 12-month warranty and off-the-shelf availability.
  • You're buying less downtime and lower repair bills, helping you achieve the lowest owning and operating costs over your engine’s lifecycle.
  • Cat diesel engine parts provide outstanding performance and reliability — while reducing the impact on the environment.

Length (in): 6.56
Width (in): 6.56
Height (in): 5.22
Weight (lbs): 5.11
Length (mm): 166.62
Width (mm): 166.62
Height (mm): 132.59
Weight (kg): 2.32

Motor Grader
16M 14 14M-3 16 16M3 18 18M3

Wheel-Type Loader
966H 972H 980C 980F 980L 980M 982M

MT835 MT845 MT855 MT865 MTC835 MTC845 MTC855 MTC865

Engine - Truck
3406E C15

Engine - Generator Set
C-12 C13 C13GENSET D400GC

Petroleum Products
C-15 TH48-E80


572R II

Engine - Industrial
3406E C-15 C-16 C-18 C13 C15 C16 C18 D350GC D400GC

Wheel Tractor-Scraper
621H 621K 621K OEM 623H 623K LRC 631E 627H 627K LRC 631D 631G 633D 637D 637E 637G

Articulated Dump Truck
730 730C 730C2 730C2 EJ 735

Track-Type Tractor

Load, Haul, Dump
R2900 R2900G R3000H