37006 - Jet-Lube Alco-Ep ECF 5 lb Can

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Extreme Pressure Grease - Environmental Formula

A premium, state-of-the-art, multipurpose complex grease thickening with a blend of synthetic and vegetable oils selected to provide the level of biodegradation required to meet the Norwegian Yellow and the combined UK and Netherlands E categories. The non-plating, organic EP/antiwear additives allow ALCO-EP ECF to be used where tolerances are low and/or speeds are high. ALCO-EP ECF also contains polymer additives, further enhancing the inherent water resistance of complex based grease. It is extremely resistant to rust and corrosion.


  • Non-plating, organic EP / Anti-wear additives
  • Contains polymer additives
  • Water-resistant
  • Superior rust & corrosion protection
  • Biodegradable


Base Materials: Complex / Synthetic & Vegetable Oils
Certifications: Eco-Certified, Environmental Rating: UK CEFAS OCNS Group E, MIL-G-18458B-SH, EU certification/registrations: - Norway – Yellow
- Netherlands & UK: E
- Denmark PR#: 2324093
Service Rating: -10°F to 450°F, -23°C to 232°C