363-4467 Mount

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Isolation mounts are used to attach and position systems, accommodate displacement, and isolate components from the surrounding structure (vibration, shock, noise.)

Fluid Mounts provide excellent damping and isolation of vibration through the use of fluids within the mount.  They feature an integrated steel flange and threaded inner member to allow easy bolted-joint attachment.

Cat® Cab Mounting Systems are designed to reduce noise and vibration in the operator environment, and to increase the durability and performance life of cab components.  The entire system (mount design, material selection, placement, hardware, etc.) is optimized and validated to meet the needs of this important application.

Fluid Mounts are highly engineered to maximize damping to reduce vibration transfer to the cab, improving operator ride and noise comfort.

Fluid Mounts are primarily used for operator station/cab installation to the main structure.

Mount Type: Fluid Mount Overall Length (mm): 150.0 Overall Length (in): 5.91 Pilot Outside Diameter (mm): 111.0 Pilot Outside Diameter (in): 4.37 Distance Between Flange Holes (mm): 110.0 Distance Between Flange Holes (in): 4.33 Width Between Flange Holes (mm): 110.0 Width Between Flange Holes (in): 4.33 Thread Size: M20