31616 - Jet-Lube AP-1W 5 gal Pail

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Low & High-Temp Multipurpose Grease (White)

Formulated from bentone clay, AP-1W is noted for its low and high temperature insensitivity, its non-melting and does not thicken excessively at temperatures as low as -20F (-29C). It has mechanical stability, is water resistant, displays high stability, provides excellent adhesion to metals, prevents wear and has superior storage life. AP-1W contains oxidation inhibitors, boundary lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and metal deactivators. It offers positive protection for extreme services, which require heavy duty lubricant performance. Ideal for oven chains.


  • No dropping point
  • Shock resistant
  • High film strength
  • Strong adhesion properties
  • Contains oxidation & inhibitors
  • Pumpable
  • Timken load – 40 lbs.


Base Materials: Bentone / Lube Oils
Service Rating: -20°F to 550°F, -29°C to 288°C