31029 - Jet-Lube CB-2 50 gal Drum

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Multipurpose Grease

CB-2 50 GAL. DRUM is an all-purpose, high temperature, lithium 12- hydroxystearate soap grease. Its buttery consistency makes it highly adhesive to metal and it has exceptional mechanical stability. CB-2 is a standard in NLGI 2 grade grease that will accommodate nearly all requirements for a multipurpose grease type lubricant. It is also available in other NLGI grades making CB-2 a truly versatile product. CB-2 has exceptional resistance to the effects of heat, water, oxidation and heavy loadings. It is water resistant, has a dropping point of 390°F (199°C) and contains corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. CB-2 offers protection wherever dirt, dust, high humidity, rain and adverse temperatures are critical problems. It is an all-weather product that lubricates efficiently at temperatures as low as 0°F (-18°C) to 300°F (149°C). For lower temperatures, ARCTIC is recommended. Ideal for ball, journal, roller, silver-plated, running and anti-friction bearings.

Benefits of using CB-2™

  • Resistant to heat, water, oxidation & heavy loading
  • Rust & corrosion inhibitors
  • High strength fluid film
  • Pumpable


Base Materials: Lithium / Petroleum Oils
Service Rating: 0°F to 300°F, -18°C to 149°C