30305 - Jet-Lube EP Bearing Grease 1 lb Can

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Extreme Pressure Multipurpose Grease

A multipurpose, lithium grease containing naturally occurring extreme pressure and boundary lubricants. EP BEARING GREASE's additive package enhances the shear stability, lubrication properties and high temperature characteristics of lithium based grease, making it a versatile, cost-effective, grease. The extreme pressure additive has the added benefit of reducing acidity created by oxidation of the base fluid and organic additives in high temperature environments. Ideal for tapered roller and roller bearings.

Benefits of using EP Bearing Grease™

  • Superior rust & corrosion protection
  • Natural additives for resistance to extreme pressure
  • Highly adhesive to metals


Base Materials: Lithium / Lubricating Oils
Certifications: API spec. 5CT and set forth in API RP 5A3
Service Rating: 0°F to 325°F, -18°C to 163°C