25829 - Jet-Lube Jacking System Grease ECF 55 gal Drum

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Jacking System Grease - Environmental Formula

JET-LUBE JACKING SYSTEM GREASE ECF 55 gal drum is safe to use in offshore applications as it's metal-free and formulated to conform to the strict North Sea Environmental Guidelines. Jacking System Grease™ ECF™ utilizes a water-resistant, calcium thickener that is enhanced to improve adhesion and provide greater protection against water washoff, wear and corrosion.

Benefits of using Jacking System Grease™ ECF™

  • Excellent environmental properties
  • High load resistant
  • Water & corrosion resistant
  • Non-metallic
  • Safe for offshore personnel
  • Biodegradable, non-bioaccumulative
  • Outstanding film strength
  • Easy to apply


Base Materials: Calcium Sulfonate
Certifications: Conforms to the strict North Sea Environmental Guidelines, EPA 1311-TCLP, Eco-Certified
Service Rating: -4°F to 300°F, -20°C to 149°C