232-7519 Cylinder Head

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Cylinder Head

Cylinder heads sit on top of the cylinder block, closing in the top of the cylinder and forming the combustion chamber


Cat® parts are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity, less environmental impact, and reuse


Length (in): 29.5
Length (mm): 749.3
Width (in): 15
Width (mm): 381
Height (in): 12.25
Height (mm): 311.15
Weight (lbs): 164.42
Weight (kg): 74.58


Wheel-Type Loader

Engine - Generator Set
C4.4 C4.4DE110E C4.4DE55E2 C4.4DE65E3 C4.4DE88E0 C4.4DE88E3

Paving Compactor
CB-534D CB-564D CD-54 CP-433E CP-533E CS-433E CS-533E PF-300C PS-150C PS-300C PS-360C

Backhoe Loader
414E 416 416D 416E 416F 416F2 420 420D 420E 420F 420F2 422E 422F 422F2 424D 426 F2 428 428D 428E 428F 428F2 430 430D 430E 430F 430F2 432 432D 432E 432F 432F2 434 434E 434F 434F2 442D 442E 444 444E 444F 444F2

Asphalt Paver
AP-650B AP-800D BG-225C BG-230D

312D2 312D2 GC 312D2 L 313D2 313D2 LGP 318D2 L 320D2 GC

Integrated Toolcarrier

Engine - Industrial
3054C C4.4 XQP100