15524 - Jet-Lube 550 15 gal Drum

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Nonmetallic Anti-Seize & Thread Lubricant

A premium formulation for a wide variety of applications over a wide temperature range. 550 is well-suited for most maintenance needs. Its composition offers reliable protection against seizure and heat-freeze, eases assembling and dismantling and reduces man hours. 550 assures protection against rust, oxidation and corrosion, it will not harden, evaporate, or settle out, and requires no thinning.

Benefits of using 550®

  • Sulfur, lead & copper-free
  • Water-resistant
  • Rust & corrosion inhibitors
  • Controlled frictional characteristics


Base Materials: Complex / Petroleum
Friction / K-Factor: 0.17
Certifications: MIL-PRF-907F
Service Rating: -65°F to 2400°F, -54°C to 1316°C


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