14429 - Jet-Lube Seal-Guard 450 lb Drum

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Premium Thread Compound - Environmental Formula

SEAL-GUARD 450 LB. DRUM is specifically formulated to meet the performance requirements of proprietary, metal-to-metal seal, and high interference connection designs utilizing today's high performance materials including super chrome and high alloy steels. SEAL-GUARD's formulation uses a tightly controlled small particle size distribution and may not provide optimum sealability on buttress thread forms. Ideal tubing connections - premium.


  • Advanced base grease and additive technology
  • High & low strength polymers
  • High loads
  • Galling resistant
  • Sub-micron particles formed by chemical reaction
  • Metal-free
  • High film strength
  • H₂S inhibitor


Base Materials: Complex / Petroleum
Friction / K-Factor: 1.0 (Relative to API MODIFIED)
Certifications: Ospar Commission - Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF) CLASSIFICATION: “Red” rating for Norway CLASSIFICATION: “D” for The United Kingdom and The Netherlands
Service Rating: -20°F to 450°F, -29°C to 232°C