12529 - Jet-Lube SS-30 500 lb 50 gal Drum

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Anti-Seize & Thread Lubricant

Copper plates mating and sliding surfaces to provide protection against seizure, galling, and heat-freeze. Jet-Lube SS-30™'s high content of copper particles prevents metal-to-metal contact, maintaining lubrication qualities under wide variations of temperature, expansion, contraction and cyclic loadings.

Benefits of using SS-30™

  • Retains the equipment in serviceable condition
  • Environmentally preferred
  • Has controlled frictional characteristics so that the surfaces of the nut & bolt are torque to the designed K-Factor
  • Assures full hydraulic efficiency
  • Works as a similar and dissimilar metal between two metal surfaces to prevent seizing
  • Non-melting


Base Materials: Clay / Petroleum
Friction / K-Factor: 0.13-0.14
Certifications: MIL-PRF-907F
Service Rating: -65°F to 1800°F, -54°C to 982°C

TDS Extreme