12015 - Jet-Lube JLS

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JLS is a result of laboratory and field development efforts spanning several decades. It is manufactured under the industry’s toughest quality control regimen and is especially designed to prevent thread and shoulder wear, and to provide superior performance on the rig floor and downhole in medium duty drilling just as KOPR-KOTE® and JET-LUBE 21® perform in more severe conditions. For invert muds or high-pH muds, a special base grease is available.


JLS is recommended for use on tool joints in drilling medium
depths and formations. It provides consistent control of make-
up and break-out in these conditions and protects against gall- ing and seizure. JLS prevents excessive stresses which shorten tool joint life, and the metallic solids of JLS form a gasket on threads and shoulders that prevent metal-to-metal contact under high torque loads.

***Not recommended for oxygen service.