Stinger® HDD-All Season

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STINGER® HDD-ALL SEASON is a copper-based drilling compound for use in all HDD drilling applications. It is especially effective in lower temperature environments but has the versatility to be used year-round. STINGER® HDD-ALL SEASON is designed to provide galling and seizing protection and support for high bearing stress on HDD pipe joints.

Recommended for use on HDD Drill Pipe and developed for rugged conditions. Low temperature field application is enhanced through the use of a premium quality, low temperature base grease, making it an outstanding choice for environments reaching below 0ºF. Can be brushed on threads or applied via most automated lubrication systems.


  • Finely powdered copper, graphite and special non-metallic additives absorb stresses and enhance performance properties
  • Friction Factor (Torque Correction Factor) of 1.0
  • Resistant to wash-out and will not harden or bleed excessively in storage
  • All Season formula allows for easier application in lower temperatures
  • Superb protection against seizing and galling

Color: Copper
Penetration: 320-340 (ASTM D217)
Weight/Gallon: 10.2 pounds/gallon
Thickener: Calcium
Fluid Type: Petroleum
Dropping Point: ≥300°F (≥149°C) (ATSM D2265)
Flash Point: ≥325°F (≥162.8°C)
Service Rating: 400°F (204°C)
Friction Factor: 1.0*
Contains: Copper, graphite, and other non-metallic additives