Jet-Lube J-75® Unleaded

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Drill Steel Lubricant

Brushable, environmentally preferred, lead-free compound specifically designed for percussion drilling. J-75's highly fortified formulation provides excellent resistance to shock, galling and seizing. Its anti-friction properties are unsurpassed while providing easy thread assembly and disassembly. Under makeup pressure J-75 lubricants “plate” and form a tenacious armored coating that eliminate metal-to-metal contact while penetrating voids, surface imperfections and score marks to increase thread life on steel bits, joints and couplings.

  • Brushable
  • Lead-free
  • Retards wear
  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact
  • Will not run out of hot threads
  • Will not burn away
  • Water-resistant
  • Prevents rust & corrosion

Base Materials: Aluminum Complex Petroleum