Honey Kote®

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  • BESTOLIFE HONEY KOTE® is a copper-based running and storage compound for use on rotary-shouldered connections.


    High temperature compound for drill collars and drill pipe formulated grease with inherent extreme pressure and water resistant properties. Salt spray test 2,500 hrs (ASTM B117).


    Color: Copper
    Penetration: 320-340 (ASTM D 217)
    NLGI Grade: 1
    Weight/Gallon: 11 pounds/gallon
    Thickener: Complex
    Fluid Type: Petroleum
    Dropping Point: ≥500°F (≥260°C)
    Flash Point: ≥392°F (≥200°C)
    Brushable To: 0°F (-18°C)
    Friction Factor: 1.2 (per API RP 7A1)
    Contains: Copper, graphite and other non-metallic additives