35016 - ARCTIC 5 GAL. PAIL

35016 - ARCTIC 5 GAL. PAIL

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JET-LUBE ARCTIC is an excellent service grease that has passed the Shell Roll Test for 100 hours at 150°F (66°C), and passed Federal Test Method Standard No. 791B, Method No. > 3454.2 “Leakage Tendencies of Automotive Wheel Bearing Greases” and ASTM 1263.

ARCTIC is an anhydrous, calcium 12-hydroxystearate grease with a dropping point of 285°F (141°C). It has an amber color and contains no solid additives such as graphite, moly disulfide, or zinc oxide. It also passes the application salt-spray-resistance and rust tests required by the United States Government for its severe environmental contact greases.

  • Has a dropping point of 285°F
  • Extreme cold weather stability
  • Water resistant
  • Fortified with rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • High strength fluid film
  • High calcium soap content >10%
  • Extreme adhesion properties
  • Pumpable formula
  • Temkin load - 60 lbs.

Designed for extreme cold weather environments where fluid film strength is important and grease consistency remains the same. Ideally suited for applications that experience working environments at subzero climates such as outdoor equipment, sport craft, ski lifts, and spiral freezer bearing lubrication.

ARCTIC is particularily suitable for use in extremely cold environments such as cold rooms, cold storage lockers, ice plants, and on refrigeration or cold storage equipment. It will resist such environmental contact as humidity, ice, and road salts without hardening, washing off, or deteriorating.


Mil Spec


The extreme temperature range over which ARCTIC is functional allows it to resist cold without deterioration of the lubricating properties and still withstand summer or otherwise hot temperatures.


ARCTIC may be used on automobiles and aircraft, in industrial applications, or anywhere lubricating properties of a moderate to severe nature are required over a wide range of temperatures.

Not recommended for extreme service usage requiring a solid-loaded grease, or highly loaded bearings.

Service Rating
-65°F to 225°F
-54°C to 106°C